Rose’s Tale: The Strap – The Wooden Compass – The Endless Abuse at School by Gaynor Jones
Breaking the Barriers by Robbin Miller
Pauperized My Broken Cross by William Smith
The DinoDimension by Alexander Saunders
The Grey Secret Series: No Faith, No Trust, Just Pixie Dust by Amelia Bronson
The Truth About Eddie by Joseph Sexton
Notes, Themes, Things And Other Things by Ndaba Sibanda
Miracle Baby: A Screenplay by Natzee AB
Blah-Blah-Bloghs – The Grief Reaper’s Adventures in Head Space by Natzee AB (Paperback)
Legatia: An Unexpected Journey Book 2 by Maria Pascale Weintraub
The Porch by Merrilee Franklin
My Last Breath – Book 1 in the My Last Series by Dina Husseini,Life%20Behind%20the%20Staffroom%20Door%20by%20Jody%20Lowe,-(Paperback)
Hanna From Barren to Blossom by Sandra Lott
Deep Waters Within by Sandra Lott
Because I'm a Mother by Nancy Mulloy
She Said, “I Do” Until Death Do Us Apart by Koketsu Precious
Poetry Pharmacy by Ndaba Sibanda
Sweet Marah: Bittersweet by Uwaezuoke S. Joseph
Earth’s Final Hours: A Message from the God of Israel by Kristy Lynn Anderson
Blee by Sylvia Ofoha
The Detective Carla McBride Chronicles: The Black Rose by Nick Lewis (Hardback)
Congestion: A Screenplay by Natzee A B
The Dark Romance Series: Dark Romance – Book 1 by Jonette Lexine
Calming Time by J.M. Gasilla Barrios
Deep Waters Within by Sandra Lott
Who’s Lost? by R. F. Glasgow
Defeated by James Voytek
Tweetlit by Natzee AB
Snow Dancing in New Jersey by Jose A. Carmona
My Lighthouse in Troubled Times by Lou Marin

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Out of the Blue by Ken Palmrose
Legatia by Maria Pascale Weintraub
Probably Magic The Wedding Quilt by Jo Jewell
The Time Walker by Kathi Linz
All Your Heart by LeighAnne Clifton
The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me by Dr. Linda Barboa and Jan Luck
The Detective Carla McBride Chronicles: The Gold Fedora by Nick Lewis (book 1) (Paperback)
Mission Possible – You by April Maguire
A Love Story to Remember by Linda Diane Wattley
Taming Zombies by Conor Geary
Toby’s Tale by Jennifer Freedman
Lake Stories: The 60s by Mike Ripley
Jeremy’s Journey: From a Prison Cell to a Healed Heart by Sandra Lott
The Fauxibilities Series: Fauxgasm: Life’s Thrilling Fauxibilities by Natzee AB Book II
Confessions of a Job Gypsy
Ginger Snap: Love at First Bite by Dominique Nixon
Shenanigans of a Funeral Home Janitor
The Other Side of The Sun by Kathi Linz
The Way Forward by Ndaba Sibanda
Path to Truth: The Ray Stanton Story
Cate in Flux by Courtney Corcoran
The Magical Kaleidoscope by Thom Cherney
Springtime in London by Jen Selinksky
Probably Magic Two Faced Book Four by Jo Jewell
Chasing Truth and Redemption by Nick Lewis
Mystical Richard Returns: The Homecoming by Larry Cashman
My Crazy Mountain Adventure by Rachel R. Reichl London
For Such a Time by Ellen Gillette
Devastated Families by Kristina Juarez
Emotions: Poetry From The Heart and Soul by Dina Husseini
Confessions of a Job Gypsy
Orphan’s Preferred by Renée Vajko Srch
Southbound to Angel Island by H. L. Dowless
Connor’s Story by Leslee Mackey
Birdees and The Bracelet of the Five Gods by Engy Donia
Storm Vortex by Truman J. Beaver
Timebomb by Ndaba Sibanda
The U-Turn on the Freeway by Thando Poto
The Beggar Boy by Al Lohn
Jeremiah Wasn’t Just a Bullfrog! by Tim Vassar
Step-by-Step into a Deeper Walk In Christ: An Interactive Devotional by Sandra Lott
The Fauxibilities Series: Heroic Fauxibilities – Tres Bayani and the Cup Noodle by Natzee AB Book 3a
Lone Wolf by Michael Newton (Paperback)
Notes, Themes, Things and Other Things by Ndaba Sibanda
Ready to Forgive by LeighAnne Clifton
You’ve Got This: Learning to Let Go by Sandra Lott
Mystery of Alien Blood by Lana Campbell
The Sword by Albert Daniels
Freedom from Fear: A Daily Handbook by Vickie Staats
Jus’ Plain Harry by Pat Pattan
The Fellowship Flock by Debi Stanton
Dreamrail: Connected Short Stories by Mike Ripley
The Second Chance by Kayla Dodd
Brother Kell’s Book of Spells: Cormac Returns for a Spell by Mike Brain Book 2
You Belong to Me by S.J. Wells
The Poured Out Thoughts: A Collection of Poetry by Mr. Ben
Growing Up With Granny by Lora Goff
The Fauxibilities Series: Heroic Fauxibilities – LXR Book 3c by Natzee AB
The Wrong Turn by Tracey Chiboza Fletcher
A Year in God's Classroom by Renee Vaijko Srch
Housing of 300 by Katrina D. Henderson
We Shall Soon Be There by Michael Alaba
Across The Seven Seas by Al Lohn
Planning Your Ultimate Road Trip by Rick Laird
Brothers in Arms by Adrian Stoud
Wrath of Lukera – book 2 by Kayla Dodd
To Be Loved by Dallas Andrews-Humphrey
Your Spiritual House by James C. Holesapple, Ed.D.
Perchance to Dream by Tamara Belko
Bellum Book One by George Reaidy
Saved By His Grace by Mr. Ben
Boy by Opeyemi Peter Odeseyi
The Best Advice My Mom Ever Gave Me by Dr. Linda Barboa and Jan Luck
Grim’s Door by Eric Schoch
Waking up to the Yawn Fests by Timothy Vassar
The Knight and the Witch by S. L. Cork
Jenna’s Journey by Karen Kelly Boyce
The Shebet Trilogy Book One by River Zedekiah
Interrupted…by God! by Doug Pacheco
Hannah: From Barren to Blossom by Sandra Lott
Deadly Déjà vu by Flo Fitzpatrick
31 Day Devotional for the Hearts of Estranged Mothers By Dorlene E. Smith
Extant by Jen Selinsky
The Living Series: Living Beyond the Fringe by Sally Haught Marx
A Boy's Dream by Dennis Bunda
Three Fallen Leaves by Al Lohn
Daybreak Lullabies – New and Selected Poems by Elizabeth Szewczyk
The Fauxibilities Series: Heroic Fauxibilities – The Honorable Magtanggals Book 3b by Natzee AB
Confucius by Fred Weintraub
The Sword II by Albert Daniels
Cutting of Harp Strings by E. G. Kardos
Westward Son of Legend by Harry Simpson
Let the Peasant Cry by Michael Alaba
Far Above Rubies: A 31-Day Daily Devotional for Ladies by Melissa Hedrick
Probably Magic The Seventh Magic Marble Book Three by Jo Jewell
MIA: A Hero’s Return by Frank Charles Pisani
Of Moose and Men: The Saga of Teagartin and Crowfeather by Lou Stant
Lottery Dog: As told by Mac by Elizabeth Szewczyk
Rescue 1: Storm Vortex (Book 2) by Truman J. Beaver
When Eagles Soared by Nick Lewis
Enigma by George Mattheson
A Century of Wandering by Julia Peper
The Hollow by J. J. Jackson
My Pathway to Jesus Christ by D. L. Weatherford
I’ll Be Fine… by Pamela Hovland
The Other Side of the Sun by Kathi Linz
The Tenth Life by Rose Scott
Mundo Infinito: Yo Soy La Tormenta by Daniel Santiago
Love in Yona Valley (book 1) by Ellen Gillette
Orphan’s Preferred by Renée Vajko Srch
Selling…Everyone Does It by Fred Weintraub
The Poetry Book Killer by Kayla Dodd
The Immigrant with a Difference by Ndaba Sibanda
Cabinet Meetings by Ndaba Sibanda
Fallacies and Confessions by J.M. Gasilla barrios
August 4th by Dina Husseini
Daylilies and Nightshades by Deborah Bowden
Enemy Territory by Al Lohn
The DinoDimension: The Warlord Empire (Book 2) by Alexander Saunders
Brother Kell’s Book of Spells by Mike Brain (Book 1)
Probably Magic - A Letter for Rosa Book One by Jo Jewell
Animalypse by Octavio Guerra-Rdyo
The Hum of Taos by Andrew Duvall
Lizzie’s Fast Brain by Barbara N. Clark, PhD.
Chitterville by Phy Tizzeey
The Hunt for Cell X by Al Lohn
Summer of ’72 by Jen Selinsky
Infinite World by Daniel Santiago
No More Heroes: A Phillip Chandler Mystery by Cherie’ Waggie
Pauperized My Broken Cross: My Childhood in a Cult by William Smith
The Broken Mirror by Mr. Ben
The Shebet Trilogy Book Two by River Zedekiah
Love’s Hope: Still Small Voice book 2 by Kristy Ann Johnson
The Insefts of Frerberg by Tania Shahid
The Goblin Saint of All Hallow’s Eve and Other Strange Tales by Brad Bott
More Danger Than It's Worth by Barbara Kurtz
Lottery Dog 2: The Great Rescue by Elizabeth Szewczyk
How Did I Ever Survive The 70s by Clayton Matthews
Redeeming Love: Still Small Voice by Kristy Ann Johnson
Cate in the Middle by Courtney Corcoran
Alice in Nether Land by Carol Kasser
Probably Magic The Wheel of Misfortune by Jo Jewell
Carlson's Christmas Wish by Renee Vajko Srch
Redundancies a Novella by Ron Jordan
The Time Capsule Diary by Rachel R. Reichl London
Daniel’s Demons by. H. Alan Poquette (E-book)
Hope for Joshua by Renee Vajko Srch
The Forbidden Reunion by Rachel R. Reichl London
The Resurrection of Micah Fischer by H. Alan Poquette
Accumulated Deeds by Barbara Kurtz
The Insefts of Frerberg: Walnut – Book 2 by Tania Shahid
The New Commandment: Justice, Mercy & Faith by Uche W. Williams Akuta
Willow’s Flame by Stephanie Fields
The Sons of Skanderbeg by Art Saguinsin
May of Lukera – Book 1 by Kayla Dodd